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Sometimes a simple directive prevents a large industrial activity from taking place

Parliamentary Deputy Minister of Silence in Ronak Saveh Pharmaceutical Company:

Sometimes a simple directive prevents a large industrial activity from taking place

The Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, emphasizing the need to remove the obstacles caused by the existence of annoying laws, said: "Sometimes a simple directive prevents a large activity in the field of production and industry."

According to the public relations of the Central Mining Industry Organization, Mohammad Damadi on Thursday, May 30, during a visit to Ronak Daru Pharmaceutical Company located in Kaveh Industrial City, Saveh, considered the inherent duty of the Ministry of Silence to support production and entrepreneurship and added: Field visits to production And a close acquaintance with the obstacles faced by the craftsmen will facilitate the production path and by accurately counting the problems, it will accelerate the solution of the problems. Regarding the naming of this year as production, support and dismantling, he said: After the announcement of the slogan of the year by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, regular meetings were held on the second day of Farvardin to explain the slogan of the year and different angles of realization of this naming were examined. it placed. He stated: In yesterday's meeting, it was decided to determine a package in this area and to remove the rules and directives issued by the Ministry of Silence, which have led to obstacles in front of the production, so that the rails on the production route can be laid properly. Will happen. Emphasizing that the Ministry of Silence is not the only field to support and remove production barriers, the Deputy Minister of Silence said: All executive bodies should cooperate with the Ministry of Silence to boost production and remove barriers. He pointed to the identification and review of circulars and instructions issued by the Council of Ministers and added: "We hope to be able to remove the cumbersome production instructions with the help of the Council of Ministers to remove barriers to production." Damadi also pointed to the existence of some annoying and cumbersome laws and said: "Some laws, despite being approved by the parliament, do not have the necessary efficiency to untie the knot of production in the current situation." It is possible that these laws have been efficient and effective in the past and depending on the circumstances of that time period, but in the current situation, they do not have the advantage that these laws have been discussed in several meetings with MPs and the Speaker of the Legislature. Is. He announced the parliament's readiness to cooperate in revising laws commensurate with the protection of production and minimizing barriers to production, adding: "Sometimes a simple directive prevents a large activity in the field of production and industry." The Deputy Minister of Silence pointed to the preparation of a book containing instructions, circulars and disturbing production laws in the Ministry of Silence and added: "A copy of this book has been provided to MPs and the Cabinet. We hope we can overcome some obstacles with expert support." Let's fix it by amending the law. Referring to the visit of two production and industrial units in Saveh, he said: Markazi province and Saveh city have a high capacity in the field of production and industry and Ronak Daru company has had good achievements in the field of pharmacy, even in corona conditions and the production of RemedSivar One of the great achievements of this production unit. He said: "Remedsivir was an imported drug and we had to wait for months and years to receive this drug, but with the production of this drug with the ability of local specialists, the country's needs, especially for Crohn's patients, will be eliminated and foreign currency will be prevented from leaving the country."

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